The history behind ReGap

The LIBE project (Supporting Lifelong Learning with Inquiry Based Education) was a two-year project funded within the Lifelong Learning Programme by the European Commission in 2014-2015. The project aimed at designing, developing and trying out, in three different countries in Europe (Italy, Portugal, Norway), an innovative e-learning management system devoted to improve key information processing skills for ICT (literacy, numeracy and problem solving), with an inquiry-based approach to learning. The target group were low educational achievers aged 16-24. Six courses were developed, composed of 32 Multimedia Presentations and 125 Learning Objects.

The Advenus project built on the results from LIBE, by expanding the target group to include refugees. The main aim with Advenus, was to improve and extend the offer of high quality, culturally sensitive open access e-learning resources to adult refugees and their trainers and teachers in EU countries. The resources were trailed and validated to make sure that they were culturally sensitive to the needs of different refugee groups and to the cultures of the countries in which they find themselves. The result were five courses, translated into five different languages.