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Research and other initiatives related to the ReGap project

  • Closing global achievement gaps in MOOCs – Brief interventions  address social identity threat at scale. The ReGap project is taking into consideration the importance of creating a socially shared identity at the beginning of the e-learning resources. This is based on findings in this Stanford study , revealing that people need to feel welcome in online-learning environments to reach their potential. Brief psychological interventions creating a sense of belonging, can help towards closing the global achievement gap.
  • Introduction to a new language – free online course: Immigration illustration from Colourbox.comThis is a free online course in Norwegian, developed by the University in Oslo. You follow international students in their everyday life, and learn a new language. You experience situations  which can obviously be of use to other groups in society. This is widely accessible to all, including migrants and refugees. Read more…
  • Teaching to and Through Cultural Diversity: Culturally responsive teaching is defined as “Using the cultural knowledge, prior experiences, frames of reference, and performance of ethnically diverse students to make learning encounters more relevant to and effective for them.” It is a means for improving achievement by teaching diverse students through their own cultural filters. Read more…

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