Productive and valuable Midway Partner Meeting in Brussels

From the left to the right: Professor Yngve Nordkvelle (INN), Sid-Omar M. Ahmed (Advisory Board member, Oslo Metropolitan University), Giorgia Rocca (Advisory Board member, Astalli Centre), Assoc. professor Gabriella Agrusti (LUMSA), Postdoctoral researcher Marta Pinto Carvalho (UPORTO), Research assistant Linda Tangen Bjørge (INN), Ana Couteiro (Advisory Board member, National Support Centre for Migrant Integration, Lisbon), Research fellow Valeria Damiani (LUMSA), dep. administrator Burim Ismaili, South East European University, FYRoM, Office manager John Torstad (INN), Ass. professor João Caramelo (UPORTO), Assoc. professor Brit Svoen (INN / coordinator for ReGap), Alexandre Carvalho (Advisory board member, the Portuguese Council for Refugees), Research assistant Elsa Teixeira (UPORTO), professor Stephen Dobson (INN and Victoria University of Wellington), research assistant Blagorodna Biskoska (CDI, FYRoM), Executive director Sreten Koceski (CDI, FYRoM) and Research fellow Ana Luísa Costa (UPORTO).

The ReGap project members and Advisory board, 18 persons in total, were gathered in Brussels for a three-day eventful meeting November 26th-28th 2018. On the agenda was primarily three Intellectual Outputs: IO2 (the ReGap courses), IO4 (Instructional materials and dissemination resources), and IO5 (Trialling and validation).

The LUMSA team immersed in their digital stories.

Digital storytelling is a brand for the ReGap project, and is used as a pedagogical tool for creating social belonging and presenting information in the courses. Further, it is also an important part of our dissemination plan. Therefore, the midway meeting also included a digital storytelling workshop where the participants explored the technique by making their own digital stories.

To the left Secretary General Conny Reuter, Solidar, and to the right Senior Adviser Ragnhild Solvi Berg, Diku.

Of course, we also took advantage of the fact that the meeting took place in Brussels, and invited Brussels based organisations. One of our guest was Secretary General in Solidar, Conny Reuter, who held an inspiring and though-provoking lecture about the refugees’ situation in Europe. Another inspiring guest was Ragnhild Berg from Diku’s (Norwegian Agency for International Cooperation and Quality Enhancement in Higher Education) Brussels office, who focused on the Erasmus+ programme in the years to come.

The venue for the meeting was the Oslo Region European Office in Rue du Luxembourg 3. Thanks a lot for your hospitality and obligingness.

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